Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Creating a Flyer to spread awareness amongst masses

Students of Grade II and III created a flyer to spread awareness about reducing water pollution and the steps taken to save Indian and Australian Marine Life.
Awareness Campaign

Spreading awareness amongst masses

Flyer created by Presidians
Postcard Making
Students of Grade II and III drafted a postcard on how to save Marine Life. They drew picture of a marine species and also wrote a caption encouraging and motivating masses to take preventive measures to enrich Aquatic fauna.

Postcard making

Saving Marine Life

Creating awareness
The postcards were shared with Australian Marine Conservation Society, Australia and acknowledged by them over mail.

Marine Jaunt
To compare and contrast Marine species of India and Australia.

Grade 3 students of Presidium Indirapuram wrote a paragraph to strike a comparison and contrast between marine species of India and Australia.
Striking contrast and comparison between Indian and Australian Marine Life

Viewing presentation to compare and contrast Aquatic fauna

Students of Presidium Indirapuram did a project on 'Marine Jaunt' to compare and contrast Marine Life of India and Australia.The Project also helped students to understand the impact of water pollution on Marine Life and the preventive measures taken to enrich Aquatic Fauna.

Students did various activities on this project.

Exploring Marine Life of Australia- Students from Grade Nur-III watched videos  to become aware of the species of Australia's Marine Life.

Students of Presidium -Indirapuram Exploring Australian Marine Life
Students coloured Australian Fishes and created the model of the Natural Habitat of Marine Animals by sticking Indian and Australian Fishes in an Aquarium created  by them.

Colouring Australian marine Life

Aquarium Created with Indian and Australian Marine Life

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Shanya Mishra Chess Champion.... .

Shanya Mishra representing UP state in Nationals on 24th July in Odisha 

Round 1 played with Maharashtra , she lost .
Round 2 played with Jammu and Kashmir she won.
Round 3 played with  Gujarat she won.
Round 4 play with Delhi she won.
Round 5 played with Maharashtra she lost.
Round 6 play against Odisha she lost.
Round 7  played with Maharashtra  draw.
Round 8 played with UP draw.
Round 9 she played with Mumbai she lost.
Round 10 played with Chhattisgarh she won
Round 11 playd with Andhra Pradesh she lost.
Total Rounds 11
Score 5.

Krishna Janam-Ashtam Celebration by tiny-tots !!!!

Children of grade nursery and prep, gave a spectacular performance on the
occasion of Krishna janam-ashtami! 
They participated in a skit which depicted the birth of lord Krishna, followed by the krishna leela. Students were dressed colorfully as gopis-gwalas.  The tiny-tots gave a mesmerizing dance performance to depict Krishna Raas-Leela!  
Teachers and students together celebrated this auspicious  occasion and
learned about the essence of janam-ashtami!

Sunday, 27 July 2014


CONGRATULATIONS presidians !!!

 65 children of Presidium Indirapuram participated in Delhi Inter School Sports Fiesta in Chilla Sports Complex. They participated in Roller Skating Championship and bagged 
5 Gold, 7 Silver , 8 bronze medals. 

Names of winners:
Ojas kaistha 2H (gold)
Balram singal 2A (gold)
Dakshath chauhan2R(gold)
Manan goel.3R(gold)
Om anand Pathak 4M(gold)
Keshav Gautam.5B(silver)
Tushar kasana5B(silver)
Utkarsh panchal4M( silver)
Ishan rai 3R silver)
Sidharth 4M( silver)
Pari garg2S ( silver)
Atharav singh5G( silver)
Aditya raj1M(bronze)
Arjun 2B ((bronze)
Astitva Bansal 2H(bronze)
Aditya aggarwal2Q(bronze)
Vedangi sharma 2K(bronze)
Akshit Gautam 3((bronze)
Aayush 3O(bronze)
Pratyaksh aggarwal 5F(  bronze)

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Chess Champion " Shanya Mishra "

Shanya Mishra of grade VI of Presidium IP has secured the 1st position in U.P State Under-11 Chess Championship at Cambridge School, Noida. Many schools like DPS Noida, Amity International Noida, Cambridge School, Global Indian International School etc participated along with other district level winners across the state like Meerut, Allahabad, Agra etc.

Presidium IP also bagged the Best School Trophy.

Shanya Mishra will represent UP state in the Nationals to be held at Oddisha from 24th July '14 onwards.

All the best...

Best School Trophy at District Level by SOF won by Presidians...

Best School Trophy at District Level by SOF.


It gives us immense pleasure in being honoured by SOF, Science Olympiad Foundation with a trophy for the 'Best School- District Level in recognition of outstanding performance of the school in olympiad exams conducted during 2013-14.
An appreciation letter from Mahabir Singh, Executive Director at SOF states, the performance of our children at Indirapuram is noteworthy with 27000 Schools over 1350 cities, across 16 countries, participating in the largest olympiad exams conducted by SOF. We are delighted and honoured our winning this award and congratulate our children for their efforts.

Keep it up Presidians!!!